System Performance

Sample Through-put 38 sec/sample*
Throughput 95 samples/hour*
Solvent Usage 7.5 ml/sample (4.5 ml for dilution, 3.0 ml for wash)*
Sample Batch Size Customizable. Up to 5 input / output racks can be defined with different dimensions. An output rack can also be used for standards.

* Based on 1:10 dilution using 0.5 ml of sample.

Syringe Pump

Model Gilson 4220 Verity Pump
No. of Syringes/Valves Dual syringe / dual valve (1 x 25 ml, 1 x 1.0 ml)

Sample Level Sensor

Model Baumer UNKC 09
Accuracy ±0.1 mm from 3mm to 150mm

Physical Specifications

Dimensions 36" (W) x 30" (H) x 31" (D) (91cm x 76cm x 79cm)
Weight 80 lbs (37 kg)
Voltage Requirement 100-120-230/240VAC selectable, 50/60 Hz.
Input Current 6.0A @100V, 5.0A @ 120V, 2.6A @ 230V, 2.5A @ 240V